The Artist

My name is Tyler and I am an artist based in Randolph, Vermont. I am a real-life Florida Man who escaped two decades ago and traveled around before fortunately landing in the Green Mountain paradise.

I can't tell you what the exact spark was that made me pick up a paintbrush at 36 years old, but I am having a blast exploring new mediums and creating feelings of nostalgia for lovers of aviation and beyond.

The subject matter of my work is easier to explain. I attended my first airshow at just months old and an obsession was born. I was the kid saving my money for airplane models and drawing planes whenever I had a pencil in my hand. My path was clear and I would end up serving in Army Aviation, supporting air operations for Army helicopters.

I hope that even if you don't hang one of my pieces in your home or office, you will learn something about aviation history and/or what it means to serve.